Atlas Imen Rahjo Trading Group, registered with number 483459 in the year 2015, commenced its activities with the goal of providing commercial services, supplying engineering equipment, precision instruments, electrical and electronic tools, procuring foreign equipment, international transportation, and customs clearance. The group holds licenses from relevant authorities.

The transportation and delivery of goods are made possible through air, sea, and land by this group. The availability of transportation facilities is aimed at providing better services, expediting processes, and minimizing time and costs for the delivery of equipment

Dubai Office:

Company was established with the aim of providing engineering services in the field of precision instruments. This includes design, procurement, transportation, installation, commissioning, monitoring, and the provision of narrative and behavioral reports in the areas of geotechnics, oil and gas, seismography and accelerography, meteorology, water quality control, and environmental and structural vibrations. The company operates in the United Arab Emirates and is a fully private entity offering its engineering services across various engineering projects, serving government agencies, individual and legal employers, consultants, and contractors.

The company’s vision and planning objectives include participating in regional and international projects and achieving and providing new technologies in the field of engineering. In line with these goals, the company has taken steps to provide the necessary infrastructure and secure exclusive representation from reputable and well-known international companies. Notable collaborations include partnerships with Canary System, an international company producing automatic meter reading and precision instrument processing software; Infrasolute from Germany, specializing in precision instruments for monitoring humidity and the corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete structures; Yieldpoint from Canada; Senceive and Osprey Measurement from England, manufacturers of geotechnical precision instrument equipment; Sara from Italy, specializing in geophysical, seismographic, and accelerographic equipment; Lambrecht from Germany, producing meteorological precision instrument equipment; and OmniDots from the Netherlands, manufacturing equipment for monitoring air pollution, sound, and environmental and structural vibrations.

China Office:

Atlas Imen Rahjo Company, equipped with financial and human resources, takes pride in providing quality services and effective solutions in the field of international procurement to its customers. The company has successfully gained the satisfaction of its clients through its specialized team and resources. This collaboration reflects Atlas Imen Rahjo’s commitment to enhancing the continuity of supplying the required parts and components, as well as creating positive experiences at every stage of the commercial services process.

To offer parts and equipment procurement services, the company has engaged in direct collaboration with foreign companies. Additionally, Atlas Imen Rahjo has entered into a dedicated agreement with Vikasi Co. to facilitate the procurement of all products and components for the company.

Field of Activity in Procurement and Import:

The company has a long-standing history in the procurement of various electrical and electronic equipment, precision instruments, engineering tools, acceleration and seismic engineering, geology, water and soil engineering, fire detection and extinguishing, as well as mechanical, telecommunication, pipe and fittings, and metal industries. It sources products from different European, American, and Chinese brands.

  1. Electrical and Electronic:
    • Sensors
    • ICs (Integrated Circuits)
    • Capacitors and Resistors
    • Relays
    • Contactors
    • Connectors
  2. Precision Instruments and Engineering Equipment:
    • Measurement sensors for various processes
    • Supplying parts for centralized and decentralized control systems
    • Monitoring
    • Pyrometers
    • Sourcing various cases
  3. Seismic Equipment:
    • Devices recording ground movement
    • Seismographs
    • Wireless point-to-point
    • Wireless point-to-multipoint
    • Accelerographs
    • Sensors
    • Relevant precision instruments
  4. Fire Detection and Extinguishing:
    • Detectors
    • Sensors
    • Analyzers
    • Respiratory and safety systems
    • Earthing systems
  5. Mechanical Items:
    • Various industrial valves (needle, ball, gate, etc.)
    • Control valves in different classes and sizes
    • Jet fans
    • Compressors
    • Electric motors
    • Various pumps
  6. Telecommunication Equipment:
    • Servers
    • Switches
    • Modems
    • Racks
    • Wires and cables
    • Gateways
  7. Pipe and Fittings:
    • Supplying and equipping various special fittings
    • Stainless steel
    • Carbon steel
    • Alloy steel
    • High-pressure fittings
    • Acid-resistant
    • Various alloy and superalloy sheets and bars
    • PVC fittings and components
  8. Metal Industries:
    • Stainless steel sheets
    • Titanium productions

Alloy metals

Field of Activity in Execution and Support:

The company takes responsibility for all equipment, installation, and support services in the telecommunications and seismic fields.

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